The aims and objectives of the institute, among other, as follows:

SESER objectives/Aims is to:

  1. empower youth and women through capacity building, Socio-economic activities and other sectorial programmes.
  2. promote free, compulsory and quality education for all
  3. sensitize target groups (children, youth and women) on related issues and a new initiative
  4. Conduct a baseline survey and Needs/ impact assessment
  5. Motivate and mentor youth for carrier purposes.
  6. Promote girls education programmes.
  7.   Advocate for all-inclusive education for all
  8. Establish education centres both formal/non-formal.
  9. carry out research on development issues
  10. Community mobilization and sensitization
  11. Support the provision of child-friendly learning environment
  12. Strengthen the budgetary process including budget tracking.
  13. carry out monitoring and evaluation projects and programmes.