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Entrepreneurship Programme

SESER work with Women and encourage them to be involve in economy activities to earn a living for themselves. The linkage between the our organization and women groups is in the area of capacity building for entrepreneurship programme and information share in terms of how to access resource for business.  Today, more and more have /are taking up positions of responsibility on executive and supervisory positions in areas of Agro-Business, Entrepreneur, Heads of private organization,  including Public offices across the globe. The dynamics of this trend cannot be overlooked

Why do we partner with women?

The reason are to:

  • Foster economic growth and development via women active involvement in nation building.
  • Building a generation of women who can be economically independent.
  • Creating a platform for partnership and networking towards achieving their desires.
  • Women should be able to demonstrate their ability and skills on how Manage business.
  • Developing business strategies on how to build peace and resolve conflict.
  • Exploring hidden potentials in women via idea sharing, mentorship and partnership for societal development.